Software in the managing of diagnostic images



Founded in 1996 after ten-years of medical experience accomplished by the director D'Ottavio Enrico, PRO DATA S.r.l. up to today is in a partenrship with most of the leading companies in the areas of radiology, dermatology, cardiology, gynaecology and obstetrics, vascular and endoscopic surgery.
The collaboration with experts in the area and the never-ending effort to look for original/unusual solutions, allowed the PRO DATA S.r.l. to develop a hi-tech software in the managing of dignostic images.
PRO DATA S.r.l. also commercialies a many years' experience software with the purpose of focus, final costumers, on computer science and give them a firm point in the working process. Final costumers could find in this software an area to make the most of quality and management of their own work.
Each and every sofware developed and commercialized by PRO DATA S.r.l. is steadily uploaded with new services and applications, that's possible becuase they're directly compared with their partners and users requirements.
PRO DATA S.r.l. has its head office in Marche, this company is able to reach and help costumers all over Italy.