Born in 2000 form a brilliant idea of the administrator, this type of software allows the client to lead all flows of images and data with a good number of input and output configurations.

DICOM can be giuded in all its forms.

It's also a simple station of reporting.



Microprint system is a software that with suitable configurations (software + hardware) allows you to recieve:


Pictures and videos from:
  • Analogical signal, (Video comp., Y/C, o R.G.B., standard or with high risolution)
  • LPR Pictures (postscript)
  • Pictures of these types ( .jpg, .tif, .bmp, .dcm, ecc)
  • Pictures from twain source
  • Pictures from capture screen
  • Pictures from radiolgicol scanners
  • Videos of these types .avi,
  • Videos of these type .h264
  • DICOM storage pictures
  • DICOM print pictures
  • DICOMDIR pictures

Data from:
  • PC keyboard
  • Vocal regnition
  • ODBC chart of local database
  • RIS DICOM Working-list
  • DICOM fields
  • Bar-code

MicroPrint system after laying out ,converting or shortening and drawing up returnes pictures, videos and reports in the following peripheries:


Pictures and videos on:
  • Raster or postscript printers both inkjet, laser and thermal printer
  • DICOM printers (DICOM print)
  • DICOM archives (DICOM store)
  • DICOM Multiframe archives
  • Local archives in these types .jpg, .bmp, .tif, dcm, ecc
  • Types .avi, divx, o DICOM multiframe
  • CD-ROM or DVD in DICOM type installing at the same time a viewer, with a disc producer
  • CD-ROM or DVD in DICOM type installing at the same time a viewer, with a local CD burner
  • CD-ROM o DVD in DICOMDIR type o.jpg, .bmp, .tif, .avi, .divx, .h264.
  • Automatic draw up of reports
  • Automatic draw up of DICOM fieldes
  • Towards RIS for archive
  • Send Dicom Structure Report


  • The program can be installed in nearly all computers on the market, this means that it can be used in a computer that is already in use in the ambulatory. MICROPRINT can support Windows 7, Windows8, Windows 10.
  • If you use this system with a medical device the P.C. and printer should rispect the EN 60601-01 normative
  • The program can print,file, and/or displace in two ways:
    • Automatic: after setting the size of the paper or the blue film and the number of the pictures the program start printing automatically until it reaches the set number.
    • Manual: from diagnostics you send the pictures to the P.C. At the end of the exam,the operator chooses the pictures from the P.C, that are printed or filed after being matched with the personal information from the work-list
  • Other types of sizes can be set.
  • The head of the page can be personallized.
  • In the same paper you can print black and white or color pictures.
  • Pictures can be cancelled or roteted.
  • It can print on all type of paper or blue film.
  • It prints pictures and reports on the same page.
  • You can use saved reports.
  • It's possible to use all type of vocal report's programs with the report of microprint.
  • You can use the serial port RS232 (optional ) to import on the report sizes and personal information.
  • It exportes pictures in all common types (BMP,JPG,JPEG,EMF,WMF)
  • It saves and exportes reports in these types .rtf .txt .pdf and DICOM(SR)
  • It's possible to adjust the three colors RGB indipendently.
  • There is a possibility to adjust the real area of the print on the picture with commands Off-set and Gain.
  • It prints saving ink printing on a white base all the data.
  • It prints in positive and negative.
  • It always saves the last 8 pages even when the P.C. has been turned off.
  • It links the P.C. with the ultrasound. The ordering of the print can be controlled from the ultrasound.
  • It scans on its own a series of files taking out pictures for laying out and printing.
  • Automatic recognise of B/W pictures or Color.
  • DICOMStorage (secodary capture) from analogic signal or PS optional.
  • DICOMPrint from analogic\digital signal or PS optional.
  • DICOMPrint anonymizer.
  • DICOM Work-list on more server.
  • ODBC Work-list.
  • DICOM Multi modality.
  • It prints with Windows printers pictures from DICOM Storage optional.
  • DICOM Print Server with the management of lots of diagnostics and printers optional.
  • Management of lut.
  • Received image on DICOMStore, link Patient Data from WorkList to image, and then send to PACS.
  • It takes out the most important pictures from videos optional.
  • It submits video sequences, it saves videos in these types .avi o divx and exports video in DICOMMultiframe to a server optional.
  • It Can acquire, from camera, video sequences in .H264 compression.
  • It can burn Patient CD and DVD for patient archive.
  • It can burn Patient CD on Codonics, Epson, Rimage, Primera e Teac
  • It can burn in this modality:
    • You can send Patient data and report from RIS station through WebService
    • You can Query one or more server DICOM, from3 microprint
    • You can send DICOM Store image to microprint
    • through HL7
  • In the burn modality 1 MicroPrint send to RIS station the log from robot.
  • It can manage the queue
  • it can use web interface IHE PDI
  • it can burn the exam on CD or DVD
  • Multilanguage (Italian,French, English, Spanish, German)
  • Software is in accordance with the CE laws.
Research and continuing tecnical progress have as natural results the evolution of products. PRO DATA S.r.l. reserves the right to make all the changes and improving without notice.



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